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The information below provides current and future updates on the technology and ontology of the ACT platform, as well as

more detailed technical resources. End-user training and troubleshooting resources can be found on the “How-To” resources page.





Information last updated: 5/31/2021


Updated June 2020

Version 3.0 of the ACT data ontology rolled out through all active and staging ACT sites to meet the needs of investigators performing COVID-related queries. This new version provides a specialized COVID ontology including test results (both nucleic acid and antibody), indicators of disease severity, vaccination status, etc.

Click here to access more details about the current ACT ontology.


Upgraded Fall 2020

In June 2020, ACT’s technology workgroup released SHRINE 3.0, a completely-overhauled version of the ACT web client developed based on feedback from both novice informatics users and expert members of the ACT community. SHRINE 3.0 was designed for a simpler, more straightforward user experience, making ACT more accessible to novice and non-expert users.

Please see this SHRINE 3.0 quick walkthough for more information

i2b2 1.7.12A

Upgraded Fall 2020







i2b2 Plugin Rollout

Planned May 2021

SHRINE 3.1 Update

ACT web client update (adding key time-based query features) planned May 2021


ACT Ontology v4.0

Planned May 2021





ACT Data Characterization

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