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The information below provides current and future updates on the technology and ontology of the ACT platform, as well as

more detailed technical resources. End-user training and troubleshooting resources can be found on the “How-To” resources page.





Updated March 2019

Version 2.0.1 of the ACT data ontology rolled out through all active and staging ACT sites to better meet the needs of clinical investigators and CTSA hubs. This new version provides a substantial increase in the available data elements, including CPT, HCPCS, ICD10 procedures, a full set of LOINC codes and additional medications.

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Upgraded Fall 2019

In fall 2019, the ACT network transitioned to SHRINE 2.0, which includes some foundational changes enabling greater insight into network status and performance, as well as a few small changes to the web client. Specifically, SHRINE 2.0 offers improved query status descriptions, helping users better understand and track the progress of their query.

Please see this SHRINE 2.0 summary document for more information


Older: SHRINE 1.25.4 was a major update deployed in late 2018 to allow end users to receive query results from each site in real-time.

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i2b2 Plugin Rollout

Planned Late 2019

SHRINE 2020 Update

ACT web client update planned 2020


i2b2 1.7.11 Update

Planned Fall 2019


ACT Ontology Update






ACT Data Characterization

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ACT Technology Wiki

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