ACT How-To Resources & Training

The resources below provide an overview for using ACT.

More videos and tutorials are coming, so please check this page for updates.

Tutorials and Tips

These tutorials offer a quick-start guide to using the ACT Network, and tips for ACT users.

Getting Oriented to ACT

3min - This video is part 1 of a 3-part quick-start series, and presents the key elements of the ACT web client, and how to register and use ACT for the first time.

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Running ACT Queries

2min - Part 2 of the quick-start series details a step-by-step process for running queries in the ACT web client.

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Interpreting and Using ACT Query Results

2.5min - In part 3 of the quick-start series, this video provides more information about the data included in ACT, and ways this data can be used to explore cohorts, validate feasbility, and identify potential sites for collaboration.

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Understanding the ACT Data Structure

3.5min - This video provides an overview of how data is structured and managed in the ACT Network.

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